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(n.) a common name used to mock/describe a Black woman from the inner city...this name would include all of the stereotypes: long fake braids, big butt, ghetto voice
Damn, this biatch keeps flipping her digusting horse hair on me...! Yo Shaniqua, get your shiat out of my face!
by CNC March 25, 2005
when a woman is thick and her butt cheeks including muscle and fat and can move them towards and away from each other (kind resembling a clapping motion.)
I love it when you got your ass clappin' for me (with hands clapping in the background)
by CNC March 23, 2005
(n./adj.) A historic African Warrior who was known for having a large penis and being a pimp among the laydeez...present-day usage is derived from this historical figure to describe a FINE ASS Black Man who has a BIG ASS DICK!!!!
Give me a MANDINGO anyday over these minnie-willies!!!!!
by CNC March 25, 2005
(n.)the ultimate sexual person who is willing to try anything for sexual pleasure
He has bite marks all over his body...his partner must be DA FREAK!
by CNC March 25, 2005
(adj.) used to describe a person with style that resembles Abercrombie and Fitch (really White/American bland style with a teeny tiny bit of corny flava...LOL)
That dude with fake blonde streaks in his hair, visor, and a sea-shell necklace is very Abercrombie and Fitch
by CNC March 24, 2005

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