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According to Al Gore, the end of all humankind as we know it.
It's ManBearPig, not PigBearMan.
by timothy duncan April 28, 2006

Or is it :
Half-Bear-Pig . . .

something awesome that its out of this world .
1 :
OMG ITS ManBearPig . . . RUN !

2 :
Bloody Hell that film was ManBearPig !
by OLI_X_X_ March 24, 2009
one who is nearly a man but is hairy and big like a bear who also has a pig like face.
In an episode in southpark a manbearpig is expressed.
by Erinn0707 October 31, 2008
a realistic animal that al gore made up when he made up global warming (climate change)
manbearpig is super super serially real
by crevin April 04, 2008
A part man, bear, and pig being. This is a freakish looking being that can only show its face during the day, because at night it becomes a very ugly, human...eww..gross.. I know this is very scary. This ugly being could just stay as a man bear pig instead of this ugly human form. If seen, do not approach, as man bear pig will pluck your eyes out and eat you.. Shes a bastard..
Dude that girl in our class is a total man bear pig.. Oh shit.. it's night time.
by J J December 06, 2006
Half man Half bear Half pig ;a figment of Al Gores imagination

An allusion to Al Gore's campaining on global warming used on the show south park
Manbearpig is a figment of al gores imagination because he has no friends
by brian yeah i'm that brian November 29, 2007
An enormous beast that is half-man, half-pig and half-bear, who eats puppies and poops out high-level nuclear wastes requiring immediate burial. Also known as Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh.
Quarterback: "Where am I?"

Medical Staffer: "You scrambled out of the pocket, but then Manbearpig caught you. Stay still. The ambulance is on its way."
by Cuntler November 14, 2011
A term based on the mysterious creature from South Park which means an overenthusiastic sexual romp with someone, leaving one or both parties exhausted, sore, and possibly injured.
Bro, I gave her some ManBearPig, and almost broke my arm!
by jigsaw1 August 22, 2012