Al Gore's way of getting attention. 1/2 man 1/2 bear and 1/2 pig.
Look, theres manbearpig, Im totally serial.
by Da elevator May 04, 2006
Manbearpig is a new and totally serial danger in north america. everyone needs to listen to Al Gore, and stop Manbearpig before he strikes again.
omg its Manbearpig! omgomgomg!
by the mysterious jed May 03, 2006
Al Gore said it in two episodes of South Park, the Manbearpig is a beast half-man, half-bear and half-pig! He's super serial! And this beast is real, cause its in Imaginationland, and stuffs in our imagination are real, so we must nuke the Imaginationland to definitively destroy Manbearpig! Excelsior!!
No! Manbearpig have to die!
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
Bill Clinton had Monica for attention, and Al Gore has ManBearPig
ManBearPig: Nothing short of al gores sex partner
by a super serial dude June 17, 2006
A creature who is half man, half bear, and half pig.
Al Gore is the only one who sees Manbearpig, and he's totally serial about it.
by bmarsh96 April 27, 2006
All of the thumbs down show liberals for the retarded pukes that they are.They get all defensive about a fucking joke made on a fucking cartoon.No wonder they keep losing elections.They take themselves way too seriously.Fags.
Oh booga booga boo , manbearpig is out to get you liberals.
by democraps are more fucked June 17, 2006
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