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the male reproductive organ
Draw your meat swords and arm your man cannon!
by EddyGaluszka September 12, 2004
1. A device in Halo used to launch people over large distances, often used in Forge.

2. A penis
1. "Did you see that?! I just sniped that guy while he was being launched across the map by the man cannon!"

2. "Why don't you come over here and check out my man cannon?"
by Mistrissyuki August 14, 2008
a huge mans penis
1.I have a huge man-cannon
2.she has a big man-cannon in her hand
3.OMG Look at his man-cannon
by urbanbastard June 10, 2009
slang for the word penis. about 6-12 inches long.
eh bro, did you smush that chick last night? yeah i used my man cannon to also blow my load all over her titties while she was getting ready to call it a night.
by da coolest guy ever August 18, 2010
Cock. Dick. Dong.

All of the above.
"SuckMyGlock45 loves to suck man-cannon until it fires in his mouth"
by MSP2434 May 21, 2008
Two different meanings:

A: Some gadgetry in Halo 3 that throws a player either high up or far out into the distance, only to be sniped, skeet shot, or a battle rifle massage in the back when he or she lands.

B: A bunch of jocks that take a scrawny or morbidly obese high school student, one holds each arm, then they sling the 'ammo' into a crowd or another scrawny kid or morbidly obese person at terminal velocity. Side effects to mancannoning someone can include, but is not limited to, temporary paralysis, permanent paralysis, eating concrete or other terrain, fractures, sprains, death, fights, embarrassment, disciplinary action, and commonly, unexpected gas.

B: I mancannoned Ned into fatty just now. It was funny until we found out he had to get his face reconstructed in plastic surgery.
by Pr1nc3 A1b3rt February 18, 2008
When you squeeze a scrotum so each testicle is on either side of your fist
If you say that one more time I will Man Cannon you!
by Analcake March 20, 2011
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