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When two pigs "pork" each other, they're makin bacon.
Those two pigs are rolling in the mud makin bacon.
by JD February 11, 2005
something that is full of fat...not hott. totaly fat.
Did you see all that fat oozing off the makin bacon? that is so gross, so not HOTT.
by sillygirl June 24, 2004
When two food blisters make love.
Try to picture them two makin bacon. Bleh! :p
by Rich October 31, 2003
Killing police officers (pigs). This term can especially be applied if you kill them by burning them or an explosion.
Me and Tyrese was makin bacon when we bust out of the bank with the loot.
by big pimpin May 26, 2005
She's HOT! She SIZZLES like bacon!
and she's gonna fry your ass :P
Bacon sizzles! Damn, she is hot!
by STEVO47 June 24, 2004
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