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Someone so deluded, they would think anybody would be jealous of them. A bitter, angry person who's boyfriend is ugly, stupid, and smallish and thinks she looks like an orka. Thank God for BOB.
The Marsketeers really need BOB, they are very lonely girls.
by STEVO47 June 24, 2004
What is going to come back and bite the marshketeers in the ass
They are just bitter because *nobody* wants to slurp them, Karma. That's one thing BOB can't do.
by STEVO47 June 24, 2004
Where the Real big thread exists
....titled MARSH
Can you believe what Yummyevie and QT are saying in the Marsh thread? I thought they were her friends!
by STEVO47 June 25, 2004
She's HOT! She SIZZLES like bacon!
and she's gonna fry your ass :P
Bacon sizzles! Damn, she is hot!
by STEVO47 June 24, 2004

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