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1. the craziest girl of all time, often goes by the name makmak
2. a famous energy drink
3. big tall nba center named stoudemire
4. typical mcdonalds burger
1. girl: "omg wtf is she doing is she CRAZY?!?!

guy: "idk what on earth is wrong with that girl but im pretty sure her name is makare"

girl: "LOL did you see that?! that girl just did a back flip on a skateboard while juggling 5 hotdogs on a unicycle!"

guy: "thats such a makare thing to do"

2. guy 1: "man im so exhausted right now imma go get myself a makare sweat"

guy 2: "yo get me one too bro i gotta replenish my energy"

girl: "DAMN you are energetic today! did you just drink a makare sweat?"

guy: "yeaaaa i was feeling crazy so i chugged a bottle"

3. guy 1: "whos your favorite nba player man?"

guy 2: "makare stoudemire"

4. girl: "im soooo hungry right now but im broke as hell!!"

guy: "go get urself a big mak"
by bigdaddyinthehouse October 06, 2013
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