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a filipino with a large penis who lives in mountlake terrace washington...
that guy who i slept with last night must have been makmak
by portacio August 21, 2008
A written language used on the internet, consisting of altered English words and Internet slang.
Any English speaking person who has some experience on the Internet will be able to understand and eventually use it because you simply need to shorten and slightly modify the words you would usually say until they look ridiculous but are still understandable. There are no strict rules about spelling and grammar and it is mainly used for entertainment and trolling.
tomz (Thomas): helo der torbz u spek makmak??? (Hello Torben, do you speak Makmak?)
torbz (Torben): jas (Yes)
tomz (Thomas): ok frands) (Ok, let's be friends :) )

tolo (Tolio): semo u sem to b mat (Simon, you seem to be mad.)
semo (Simon): u mum( (Your mum is :( )
tolo (Tolio): ooo ( :O )

semo (Simon): y u plya cs al tiem??? (Why do you play Counter-Strike all the time?)
danil (Daniel): cos i suk at the gam (Because I suck at them game.)
semo (Simon): ok trust) (Ok, I trust you. :) )
by xsmn July 25, 2014
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