to cripple a mutha fucka. breakin a man in two.
i hated that kid so much i shot then maimed his ass.
by J 0 K A March 10, 2006
The act of extremely rigorous intercourse, possibly involving a felony.
I'm going to maim that bitch!
by badasspimpdaddy October 15, 2010
The liquid we all know as Water, only in hebrew language
"Yo bro, give me a cup o' maim, i'm thirsty"

"He spritzeled me with maim! and now i'm all wet, darn :<"
by Ooops taut mafteah bitul June 14, 2008
Meliha's new nickname for her big booty cast!!! oh yea thats right its big booty. :) uh huh uh huh ;) :)
Meliha's tibula when she thinks she can continue to run with a stress fracture!!! wow she is so smart...*winking* :) :)
by Debbie March 17, 2005
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