Hawaiian for thankyou. Doesn't mean asshole unless your a person from minnesota with an IQ of 55
"Here have this money i don't want it."

by soconfused November 28, 2005
Top Definition
Means thank you in Hawaiian. It doesn;t mean trash can. dumm ass
Mahalo for every thing.
by stineyB August 06, 2003
A parting word, as in "Good-bye," or "Until we meet again." Hawaiian in origin, it was popularized by author and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who used it frequently in his columns and diatribes. People mistakenly credit it to later sources, such as Adam Carolla, but these people are all fifteen.
Until next time, remember to trust in America and keep your middle finger pointed at George W. Bush. Mahalo.
by Adam Greensage November 28, 2005
A skier term for chill, relaxed, hello, good vibes, and an all around lifestyle. It is usually said with the hang loose sign.
That switch 450 on was so mahalo.
by buttmuncher9999 August 26, 2013
What Adam Carolla says at the end of his show "Too Late with Adam Corolla" to sound cool. It means thank you in hawaiian.
Until next time, this is Adam Carolla, saying "mahalo."
by meso compound November 03, 2005
What those other guys said. In addition, it was used by the great author, Hunter S. Thompson, on many occasion, as a sign-off to a letter or article.

Bill Clinton
by Evan T. February 26, 2005
A greeting or salutation for non-hawaiians who wish they were hawaiian. Its a sad, sorry reach into the depth of humanity to find one phrase that hasnt been over used by blonde american teens.
(as seen on Pimp My Ride)
Mahalo, bitches!
by <*Sarah*> May 19, 2005
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