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Hawaiian for thankyou. Doesn't mean asshole unless your a person from minnesota with an IQ of 55
"Here have this money i don't want it."

by soconfused November 28, 2005
No Savanna is a fucked up motherfucker who can't be trusted unless she can be trusted in which you should run because she's holding a knife to cut the cake she got you which is actually poisoned but she gave you the cure an hour ago despite having shot you to test out the bulletproof vest she bought you out of friendship. But if you add an h to the end of her name all hell will break loose and you won't live another five minutes.
Friend #1: You're telling me Savanna tried to kill you?
Friend #2: She's only going to kill me with kindness.
by SoConfused December 26, 2014

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