A maggot is a small, white, slimy thing.

An effective insult to those who have wronged you---especially when you give the above definition afterward.
woman 1: I can't believe he did that!
woman 2: Hon, he's a chauvinistic, cheating bastard: total maggot. Forget him.

man 1: Dude! Your wife was so tight when I fucked her last night!
man 2: What the hell? Fucking maggot! How was I stupid enough to believe you were my friend?
#slimy #andy #bastard #cheater #maggott #magott #magot
by EdNERD June 13, 2010
A tiny penis often found on geeks and/or people who haven't gone through puberty
"Dude, did you see when that nerd got bagged?"

"Yeah, he had a total maggot I could barely see anything!!"
#pecker #half inch hunter #1 inch wonder #tiny penis #noob
by SOOPADOOD November 23, 2008
1)A small person.

2)A common fruitfly

3)A person who is as drunk as hell

4)The English word for gusano

5)The thing Pein calls you and you have no idea why

6) The catchphrase of Collonello on Kateyo Hitman: Reborn
What else do you need, maggot?
#maggit #meggot #maggot #maggots #meggots #meggit
by NowBringIt February 08, 2013
A younger white girl that is only attracted to black men.
There goes the maggot after another brother.
#magget #white girl #babymama #babydaddy #skank
by CageMaster November 13, 2012
this is a huge fan of slipknot,they know everything about them.
basicly someone who is proud to be a Maggot(like me),and they will even die for the band....thes are diffrent form slipknot fans,slipknot fans like the band on a certain level...they dont deserve to be called maggots.
slipknot fan 1:dude i just love the song vermillion.
slipknot fan 2:i know right..

Maggot 1:dude did you know vermillion has 3 parts and that is about corey taylor getting something thats impoprtant to him that nothing acn explan how he feals about her?
Maggit 2:dude i know,but i think vermillion part 2bloodstone remix is good to,off of all hope is gone dont you?
#slipknot #maggot #slipknot fan #names #life
by Maggotforlife December 23, 2010
phil.huxford. a person with a very small penis
look at the size of that phil.huxford with his maggot
#penis #nigger #magot #dave #sam
by dave mccoy October 28, 2010
1) A person with no conscience or empathy.
2) A relentless bastard.
3) a : delight in cruelty b : excessive cruelty
4) A horrible cunt that would happily watch someone burn while holding a bucket of watter.
1) Did you see that maggot drown a bag of kittens?
2) I can't believe that maggot killed my dad.
#magot #bastard #cunt #sadist #evil
by bad maggot March 30, 2010
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