is a person that acts bitchy in a joking way towards their best friends.
She's a maggot all the time around John
by johnthefag January 08, 2010
Maggot is what slipknot calls its fans and other bandmates.Joey Jordison the drummer of the nine peice band is the one who came up with the term.
Stay (sic) maggot

Maggot 4 life
by Jamiebooth47 March 24, 2008
a vile and disgusting person
Come and get it you freaking maggots.
by Light Joker November 05, 2004
A person who is taller than 6 foot, is fat, and starts with the letter M
by qwertyjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj October 11, 2011
1)sombody who has a small dick

2)a slang word for a small dick
that guy over theres got a maggot
by Mr X 321 February 26, 2009
a maggot is someone who no body has any respect for. they fuck people over all the time. and dont have respect for anyone.
tj is the king of maggots, aka alpha mag
by not a maggot April 30, 2008
Maggots are the things crawling under the banana I haven't thrown out.
Since I left my banana on the table for some weeks, it has become the home of some maggots. ...I think most of them are dead by now, though.
by Epic Fail Girl October 15, 2007
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