1) The legless, soft-bodied, wormlike larva of any of various flies of the order Diptera, often found in decaying matter.

2) Disgusting person, a low-life, the lowest of them all
by JC October 28, 2002
1)A small person.

2)A common fruitfly

3)A person who is as drunk as hell

4)The English word for gusano

5)The thing Pein calls you and you have no idea why
What else do you need, maggot?
by NowBringIt February 08, 2013
the most hardcore, freaking insane fans in the world. maggots are Slipknot fans but more insane, sic and amazing. We beat eachother sensless in concert, mosh in our thousands and most importantly, enjoy the music that saved our lives. theres no real reason for our beating and moshing, its just how we are. we were given the name 'maggot' by Slipknot's drummer Joey because we 'feed off Slipknot's music'. Maggots could be absolutley ANYONE you know, theres no set stereotype for us :) so we could be your neighbour ;) ...
miss wilkinson , our normal and uninteresting teacher, turned out to be a maggot who's favourite passtime is headbanging to her Slipknot CD.
by lucretia something December 23, 2011
a word to motivate people. to make them step up. to describe how shit they are being
stop being a maggot and down your drink

you're a maggot if you can't lift that weight
by didihamman November 20, 2011
Alcoholics that listen to metal and drink to excess. These people are the best of people. Similar to a slipknot maggot. Also they like to abuse any substance that they can get their hands on.
A bogan or a good cunt. They can be found saying "lets get maggot", "Where is the maggot", "That guy is a fucking maggot"
by Masonic October 26, 2008
An annoying child, like a younger sibling that is useless and like a parasite.
My littlest sister is a maggot.
by roflcopterlolroflmao January 18, 2012
a group of crazy motherfuckers who will beat the livin shit out of each other when a heavy or nu metal song is on. normally hang in packs with other maggots and will never back down from fights
Did you see the maggots?" "Yea dude they were beating the hell out of each other listening to heavy metal!
by Maggot Shadow931 March 23, 2011
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