A Privateer in the army
Sergeant:How tall r u Maggot
Private:5 foot 9 sir
Sgt:Oh I didnt know they stacked shit that high!
by Caca March 01, 2005
1) a soft-bodied legless larva of a fly or other insect, found in decaying matter

2) A Slipknot fan. (a metal band.)

3) a small penis.
1)"the maggots attack the roots of the developing cab ages"

Guy B : Man you're such a maggot.

3) "Don't wriggle your maggot in her face , she's taken. "
by backb0ne5p1d0r February 22, 2015
A loathsome bottom-feeder. An individual that survives on what others throw away. Or, lives and thrives off of the decay of others.
Did you hear about that guy who took all the elderly peoples money in a scam?" "what a friggin maggot
by Hatinlife2k8 December 19, 2010
A tiny penis often found on geeks and/or people who haven't gone through puberty
"Dude, did you see when that nerd got bagged?"

"Yeah, he had a total maggot I could barely see anything!!"
by SOOPADOOD November 23, 2008
A fan of the band Slipknot, or in the litteral sense an undevelloped fly. Maggots are so-called because they are uninterested in fassion, they are shunned by 'the upper class' aka the preps, and they wallow in feelings of anger, hatred, depression, or sadness. True maggots have no belief in christ or god because they are forsaken and sh*t on by every level of society who is religious. In other words, maggots see religion as pretentious and hypocritical. Maggots don't candy coat the world, but see it for what it truely is and that is a mess. Maggots can be teens or adults, and often have self-destructive habbits giving them the bad rep as being the typical drop-out / stonner / headbanger / freak, etc.
My friend is a total Maggot and wears only black hoodies and riped jeans.
by Brad666 August 17, 2007
Usually associated with gentlemen from the Quincy, MA area, calling someone a maggot can either be derogatory or congratulatory. Calling your buddy a "maggot" after hearing of his/her weekend exploits is a way of acknowledging that he or she had successfully waged a battle in the war on decency. On the other hand, calling someone a "maggot" for hanging out at the Quincy Center train stop conveys the total lack of respect that you have for the individual in question. As you can see, to an outsider this term could be confusing and hard to grasp at first, but to the people involved, calling someone a "maggot" is second nature.
"While the rest of the party was dancing and discussing philosophy, the maggot was slowly making his way towards the poorly hidden liquor cabinet, ready to fight for his feed."

"Ked, you're a fucking maaaaagot! I can't believe you smashed my girlfriend!"
by Quincy Keeeed May 15, 2007
A maggot is a small, white, slimy thing.

An effective insult to those who have wronged you---especially when you give the above definition afterward.
woman 1: I can't believe he did that!
woman 2: Hon, he's a chauvinistic, cheating bastard: total maggot. Forget him.

man 1: Dude! Your wife was so tight when I fucked her last night!
man 2: What the hell? Fucking maggot! How was I stupid enough to believe you were my friend?
by EdNERD June 13, 2010

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