An insanley devoted follower of Nu Metal band Slipknot, and damn proud of it. Not to be confuzed with a fan of Slipknot.
Slipknot Fan A: Dude, I just bought the new Slipknot CD last night!
Slipknot Fan B: Nice!

Maggot A: Dude, I just bought a pair of Corey Taylor's (lead singer) old underwear on eBay last night!
Maggot B: (sic)! Too bad that fucker sold out.
Maggot A: Yes, very sad indeed.
by Disasterpiece December 17, 2007
Soldier's definition of the team.
by Dummkopf February 05, 2012
Used in Australia to describe when someone is extremely drunk. More often than not, very close to passing out.
Amy: "Have you seen how maggot Kyle is?" Jodie: "yeh he is one drunk ass mofo!"
by Kyle Magile May 09, 2007
1. The larva of a fly.

2. A person who is a fan of the nu metal band "Slipknot".
(Not always doughebags, one of the nicest people I know is a maggot)
1. There's maggots in his corpse. EEW!!!!!1!!112@one

2. I'm a maggot, and proud of it.
by February 12, 2010
Die-hard Slipknot fans that acts like a swarm of maggots on Slipknot concerts.
1. Maggots shall live forever, assholes!
by d10p3t April 22, 2009
Someone who is really drunk and falling down all over the place.
Tanya was SUCH a maggot last night!
by LittleWall November 10, 2008
tiny, pimple-like penis.
hhmm sweetie... i didn't know you're hiding a maggot in there.
by CyberJake July 22, 2005
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