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n. pl. Many mooses.
I saw a flock of MOOSEN... there are many of them, many much moosen, out in the woods, in the wood-es, in the woodsen!!

*If you're a Brian Regan fan, you'll get it*
by Timmah March 31, 2003
To put something together in a makeshift fashion.

See also: nigger rig and jerry rig
I managed to afro engineer that broken plane wing with a roll of duct tape.
by Timmah December 26, 2003
Greatest soccer/football player to grace this earth

Currently plays at Arsenal in London
Scorer of all time greatest goal vs Newcastle
Did you see that Bergkamp run by, how good was he
by Timmah April 17, 2004
A negative conotation used to express disgust or insult.
Man, Josh smells really ganky.

That is a ganky outfit.
by Timmah December 26, 2003
Multi-purpose word that is used as a substitute for 'no', but is more subtle and nuanced. It can be used as a statement, exclamation, question, interjection and more.
Statement: Did you scream Timmy? Nuh.
Exclamation: Nuh! Stop it Timmy.
Question: Did you see Gobbles? Nuh. Nuh? Nuh.
Interjection: Nuh pardon me, but is that Timmy. Nuh. Nuh! Nuh? Nuh.
by Timmah July 29, 2004
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