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An "organinsation" revolving arounf illegal ways of making money such as "blackmail", "Violence" and "rackateering"
the mafia destroyes my bussiness
by john wilson October 28, 2003
LOL 'to kill in the french style'

Dont you mean to klill in italian style?
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
an organization of criminal practices in order to make money (most commonly associated with Sicilians).
;highly associated with "hip-hop stars" who like to consider themselves "mafioso".. Ex: LiL Kim, 3-6 Mafia ect.. these people also copy the typical italin lifestyle, such as wearing "bling-bling", driving italian cars, wearing Italian made suits (P. Diddy) and frequently refering to the mafia in their lyrics. These people are the opposite of "wiggers".. they are "Nackers".
Check out LiL Kims new cd, La Bella Mafia.. i didnt know she was in the mafia..
by chris November 09, 2004
It depends how it's used. The Mafia is often assumed to be the italian mafia, but a mafia is any group of people that work together in unpolitical ways.
There are many small mafias popping up around the country
by justarandom August 05, 2005
Runs Hollywood.Promotes Communism on account of it's loose morals which feeds the "underworld's" black market business.
liberaliam is evil and gay
by fuck off u asshoes June 27, 2004
a guy who drives a 'food van' with freezer in the back (to store bodies) computer to store data (on dead bodies) smokes cigars, has friends in the mountains...
my dad and his family
by branded- February 09, 2004
theivery in numbers.
ey Pizano! Gimme da pizza pie or else I break-ah your legs ah
by rob March 13, 2004