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Type of delusional insanity in which owners of Apple products believe they have accessed some sort of techno heaven whilst the rest of the earth wander round in some sort of technological hell.
Typically brings on gloating, narcissistic behaviour, fatuousness and the sincere belief that owning a mac or other iproduct gives them a clearer complexion, more sex appeal and the right to bore everyone to tears with how wonderful Steve Jobs' latest gadget is.
Nathan (for it is he): Omg you are so the looz, buying a Windows pc, ha ha, Windows 7 is just copying the mac os and sooooo inferior. Ha ha, let's all go back to vcrs and betamax, shall we, ha ha (begins to drool and cackle)

Dudess: Oh no! I can't stand anymore of this macness (kicks Nathan in balls)

Dude: Cool, sis, I was taping that for the web, shame Nathan won't be able to see it tho', coz his ishit don't run flash (guffaws into sunset)
by Captain Screebo October 23, 2010
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