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an alternative word for the slang 'nigga'. often used by fat black boys who like hip hop but don't even have enough money for bread.
lizen up niggoo! getcho nigger ass some muda fukn gears!
by tanan May 03, 2008
(noun)a place where one has grown up and has lived there with the people of his own race or his relatives, a place with whose residents one has shared his life experiences and has had joyful memories.
I miss those days in my ghetto!
by tanan April 20, 2008
actually a word that indicates hood power of a gangster(specially afro-american), his command in crack dealing, slut management, he runs an entire industry related to local gangster crimes.
Mac daddy( a gang head), Mac thang (a firm of gangsters)
by tanan April 20, 2008
a very offensive word used for black people. often used to tease or address black people by people of other races or by black people themselves within their own people.
Hey nigga whats up! where are you going?
by tanan May 03, 2008

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