Mackems originated from the drunken coupling of a brother and sister from a series of caves known as Pennywell. Legend has it that, after consuming large amounts of Panda Pop and Hewla Hewps, the two fell into an embrace, resulting in the birth of a race of six toed, cave dwelling, sub human filth.

Mackems are generally very poorly educated, they are known for refusing to take employment as they are happy to live on benefits. Many choose to live in free houses they have been given from the council. This is primarily to stop them leaving the area and integrating with the normal people from the outlying boroughs.

They are a source of great amusement to the rest of the North East, much like poking a bear with a stick, or watching a fat bloke fall over.

The rest of the UK have no idea where Mackems come from. This is usually remedied by saying "Sunderland. Oh, it's down the road from Newcastle".

They are usually found round the back of Farmfoods waiting for out of date cheese, sitting on kerbs in the Pennywell shanty towns, waiting in the crisis loan queue at the job centre or appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show. They produce vast amounts of children with multiple partners. These offspring usually go by the name Jayden or Chantelle.

It is a well known fact that Mackems are responsible for all crime committed in the North East.

Well known Mackems throughout history include the old agony aunt off This Morning and Wearside Jack.
"Christ, I've lost both my legs in a terrible accident. Could be worse, I could be a Mackem"

"Aww is that that poor John Merrick fella, oh no, it's just a Mackem"

"Have you ever seen a Mackem in Milan?"

"I will admit to pretending to be the Yorkishire Ripper. But I wont admit to being a Mackem" - Wearside Jack.
by Cockadoody November 07, 2013
a person who seems to be rather hated for no apparent reason by everyone.
i have lived in london all my life and could be discustingly arrogant about them like everyone else. luckily, having a mackem dad and half a mackem family, i have learnt im not supirior to everyone else just cos where i live is so much better.
a mackem is also a loyal and the best football fan following perhaps the shittest team in history. he or she IS also caught up on the fact that we "beat the scum 2-1" a long time ago, but hey, its the only bit of victory we've had since the glorious 1-0 fa cup final against leeds in 1973. (we're still caught up on that as well)
"shearer is a wanker, he wears a wankers hat, he plays for scum united, he is a fucking twat"
"h'way the lads"
"red white till i die!!!!!!!!!"
by PROUD MACKEM!! October 26, 2004
As inhabitants of the largest City in the North-East, we have the right to boast over our smaller, inferior neighbours. We support Sunderland who are currently the only North-East side to play in the Premier League, and have recently been made one of the richest teams in England due to our takeover. We also beat Newcastle in the English Civil War, whereby the (Jawwwwdeeez. Correct term: Geordies), have became bitter and obsessed with their superior neighbour. Mackems can also be understood a lot easier by outsiders as opposed to geordies, who speak similarly to apes, often giving grunt noises as they go to collect their dole money that they have sat all week for in the house. Anyone who has read the Viz magazine will realise Biffa Bacon is your typical Geordie.
Mackems are easier to understand as follows:

Newcastle fan 1: Wor al' is deein' shite like isn't he?
Newcastle fan 2: Divven' stort with big al' like or al' smash ya mooth in bonny lad.

Sunderland fan 1: Alreet mate, what do you think of our prosperous Premiership side?
Sunderland fan 2: Mint mate, feel sorry for those Geordies next season havin' to travel to Plymouth and stuff.
Sunderland fan 1: Serves those bastards right for being cocky last time we went down.
by PremierSunderland May 27, 2009
One of the saddest, most idiotic and pathetic people ever to have walked the earth, the mackem still harps on about 2-1 victories over their far more illustrious and infinitely cleaner neighbours. The average mackem is obsessed with Newcastle and has a mouth the size of the tyne tunnel, which is unfortunate since being relegated as the worst team in Premiership history should have been the catalyst for keeping the aformentioned big mouth FIRMLY SHUT
that streaker is a thick mackem wanker
by John November 18, 2003
a breed of the most pathetic, fat and ugly pile of shit people ever to have walked on the earth. they live in a shithole of a town called sunderland and they support the crappest football team in the world.
dont go to sunderland it's full of mackems
by *!?!* February 22, 2004
lazy, fat arsed dole scum
That mackem's giro is burning a hole in his pocket
by Monkey February 03, 2004
Idiot. Followers of a shite football team. Tell me: Have you ever seen a mackem in milan? or even on a plane? or even out of prison?
Those poor souls who turn out at the stadium of shite every other saturday (and wednesday seeing as tho theyre in the championship)
by Exiled (but unbiased) Geordie April 22, 2005

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