Idiot. Followers of a shite football team. Tell me: Have you ever seen a mackem in milan? or even on a plane? or even out of prison?
Those poor souls who turn out at the stadium of shite every other saturday (and wednesday seeing as tho theyre in the championship)
by Exiled (but unbiased) Geordie April 22, 2005
A Sunderland supporter.
It is derived from something or other to do with the ship building industry with 'we mackem and ye brackem'.
I'm afraid I'm not sure what this means however.
Come on the mackems!
by josquius April 15, 2004
the shame of the English, in reality just twats with a deadbeat town. Oh yeah, the football team is shite too. Hell, even they admit that. Yeah, Sunderland is a sink hole, do your best to avoid it.
"Phil Babb...who the fuck is he?"
by Giles2112 April 14, 2005
Sad mackem bastard,
your just a sad mackem bastard.
Sad mackem bastaaaaaaaaaard,
your just a sad mackem bastard.
They beat us 2-1, two season in a row and they brag on. Swear they done look where they are, a bunch of Nationwide loser!!!
by amo December 08, 2003
When God sends people to the human beings to the North East of England, he sorts them into two groups, Geordies and Mackems, or sane and insane, or straight and gay, good-football-supporters and shite-football-supporters, etc.
What do you call one mackem on the moon?
A problem.

What do you call two mackems on the moon?
A bigger problem.

What do you call all the mackems in the world on the moon?
Problem solved.
by undisclosed March 01, 2004
Smelly, Ugly and stupid
(this is from a song) My mother died when i was only two years old, Fatha ran off to sea, with a bloke i'm told, Me sista is a prostitute, Me brother's doin' life in jail, still, Could have been worse, I could have been born a mackem
by Steven May 06, 2004
1)sadly obsessive seat counter who believes football matches are decided on historical attendence figures

2) citizen of medium sized industrial wasteland left cultutally stunted by living in the shadows of TWO vibrant areas with distinct identities.
1) "I see Sunderland got stuffed again"
"Yes but the MACKEMS will be happy with their bumper gate"

2) "I wouldn't fancy living in Baghdad". "Could be worse, you could be a MACKEM"
by PRT April 07, 2003

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