1) Lets compare macintosh to an airline:

All the stewards, captains, baggage handlers, and ticket agents look and act exactly the same. Every time you ask questions about details, you are gently but firmly told that you don't need to know, don't want to know, and everything will be done for you without your ever having to know, so just shut up.

2) Here are some comments on one of the entries speaking in defence of macs:

"You may have used Macs at some point in your lifetime, doesn't mean you know everything about them. Stop spreading BS."

I probably know more than you, even though I use Windows:

Most software that is developed for Macintosh (other than the {shitty} OS itself) is written using Microsoft Visual C++ Cross-Platform Development Edition. Guess what? VC++CPE runs on WINDOWS ONLY! In other words, macintosh is the WORST choice for programmers/developers such as myself. kthx

""Adobe abandoned them" Yes, that's why they still actively develop Mac apps. What a steel trap mind you've got!!"

They still develop Mac apps, true, but guess what they use to develop them? Microsoft Visual C++ Cross-platform Development edition! (see what I mentioned about VC++ above)

"" that cant run any good programs." Macs started the desktop publishing revolution, were the first computers to run Excel natively, were the first computers to run Photoshop natively ... the list goes on and on."

But can they run command-line tools like most other OS's like Windows, Linux, etc??????????? NO. Granted using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program is easier but command-line programs tend to be faster, smaller, less runtimes, etc. And if you weren't a complete retard then you wouldnt have any problem whatsoever using a command-line tool/program.

"D. They aren't paperweights. I'm using a Mac right now damnit. Anyone with HALF A FUCKING BRAIN knows that Macs are useful. Your little Windows mags even use Macs in their art department. Mhm, that's right."
Hmm... you know what was probably used to develop the Macintosh painting thing or w/e its called? microsoft visual c++ cross-platform development edition. (See what I mentioned about that earlier in this entry.) Get that fact into your thick skull, k?
To sum it up,

Windows > Macintosh
All other OS's > Macintosh

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short for Most Applications Crash; If Not, The Operating System Hangs.
only used by fools who do not prefer the much better Windows
Never use a MACINTOSH
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by MACINT OSHIT January 23, 2009
a macintosh is a sucky computer that still sells!!
n00b:1 1uv m@c1n+05hes!!!
cool guy:i got a windows for $2000!!
better than that $6000 paper weight!!
by strawberryclock June 24, 2005
Because gay people need computers too.
I bought an apple macintosh because I am just too effeminate or just too butch to use microsoft windows.
#gay #homosexual #apple #poof #macintosh #queer
by benzox March 28, 2008
The Macintosh is an OS that's optimum for digital photography and graphic design, like Photoshop, for animation, like Flash, and for video editing and publishing, like Final Cut. Great OS for artists and the like. Gets a bad rap over Windows because of it's sheer simplicity, but does turn out to have the upper hand for what you want to use it for.

Not too many games are made for the OS, but if you want to play games, get a Windows. If you're into doing graphical work, use a Mac.

Not too many viruses exist that affect a Mac, but many do for a Windows OS. But who's fault is that?

So if you're into doing some animation, photo manipulation, video and film editing, music editing, and graphic design, get a Mac. If you want to do nothing but number crunch and write papers after papers, guy a Windows. And if you want to play video games, buy a fucking Xbox or something.
Person 1: "I've been working on this cartoon for about two years now, and my hard drive fried!"

Person 2: "You should've been working on a Macintosh. They've got one hell of a graphics card!"

Person 1: "Really? FUCK!"
#mac #macintosh #apple #pc #os #windows #jobs #gates #graphics #superior
by PCs Are A Virus Farm February 14, 2007
A computer made for idiots (idiot proof) when in actual fact the complexity of windows means windows is idiot proof - it won't work for idiots who will run to the mac anyway.
Click the left mouse button.
*right click*
You don't know your right from left? Idiot!
by WIlliam Gator June 04, 2005
Mac OS fans always try to defend themselves about their choice. Sure, the Mac OS is better than Windows, but when they hear the word "Linux", they shut up and look like idiots, but they still believe their computers are high in specs.
Mac fan: Hey, I got this new MacBook Air! It's the thinnest laptop ever!
(Windows fan shuts up before he can say anything)
Linux fan: Really? Wow, it sure is expensive.
Mac fan: Yeah, but it has got dual core, 128 gigabytes of hard disk and 2 gigabytes of ram
Linux fan: But my laptop has more applications and games, twice your ram, three times your hard drive space and it still costs a thousand dollars less.
#mac #macintosh #linux #apple #osx
by armyoflinuxfans November 08, 2009
The only American product that can compete with Japan's technological products.
Macintosh> Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc...
#apple #macintosh #sony #toshiba #america #japan
by That Guy From North Dakota December 24, 2008
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