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1. A car created in the mid eighties by Carrol Shelby and Chrysler designed for ultra high speeds with only a 4 cyl engine. The top speed was in excess of 194 miles per hour and 0-60 times of 4.1 seconds, from a 2.5l twin turbo engine producing 440 bhp. With a mid engine layout and near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and a space age frame (much like we see in F1 cars).
The car was canceled after market reaserch showed, that people would not be willing to buy an ultra-high-tech-lightweight supercar, which was superior to many european super-exotics. Primarily because of its engine size 4cyl and that the pricetag which was roughly the equivalent of the Corvette.
2. A technological advance that is discarded because people are not willing to accept, or are not willing to purchase it because of its exorbent pricetag.
Guy 1: Man the PS3 is sweet!

Guy 2: Oh yeah but its $700 bucks

Guy 3: Just hope it doesn't go m4s.
by Tianyunwang April 07, 2007
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