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Compact M-16 you use to cap tha niggaz wit that ya hate
mutha fucka im gonna cap yo silly ass wit diz CAR-15 n make sho you dun see mah momma again
by Lim January 13, 2004
A "commando" weapon, as well as a personal defense weapon platform, the CAR-15 was designed to be a compact package with high firepower to be issued to troops whose primary duties were not front-line combat. Commando's also chose the CAR-15 due to its compact size. It met with little success however, as several faults such as excessive muzzle flash and reduced accuracy dropped its overall effectiveness.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
A shortened barrel M16A2, it is quite different similar to the M4 carbine. The CAR15 features automatic firing as well as making less noise, though the weapon does face a lesser accuracy due to the shortened barrel.
The CAR15 is one deadly rifle that is capable of clearing a room full of armed hostiles in one sweep of it's .223 beauty.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
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