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1. M4A1 Sherman - A widely used American tank during World War II.
2. M4 Carbine - A short-barrel (carbine) version of the Colt M16A2 assault rifle. Used widely by law enforcement and special forces.
Hey, toss me that M4, will ya?
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
High-Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle. Replaced the Jeep in the 1980's. Also known as a Hum-vee or hummer
The HMMWV has a maximum fording depth of 30 inches.
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
That box is full of H.E. rounds!
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
1. The winner; Not the loser.
2. Teh win.
Red team is teh un-lose!
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
High-Explosive Incindiary
THe A-10's GAU-8 is capable of carrying many 30mm ammunitions, including DU and HEI rounds.
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
Depleted Uranium. Is used in the penetrators of anti-tank ammunition.
The A-10 fires 30mm DU rounds with it's GAU-8 main cannon.
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003

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