Black outside, yellow-brown inside. Asians who act "black", not just by wearing ghetto-style clothing (which is cool), but ones who actually refer to each other as nigga and talk about beating up random people(including other asians, just because they act a nerdy)! These Asians are usually the ones who act disgraceful, not fobs,or twinkies, because they're promoting violence and hating on other asians. You never hear fobs or twinkies saying "yo dat AZN is a dizgrace to da racee" or something stupid like that. They also tend to be insecure, ethnocentric, and arrogant, and they treat their asian "hunniezz" like trophies,("hos" and "sluts" etc.) and refuse to date girls of other races. White girls are attracted to asians too, asian guys are just too ethnocentric. Their is no such thing as a pure bloodline fool! You're either A, B, O, or A/B...duh. Blood cells the same. I'm not trying to label, but these M&M's have labelled all the other asians, so screw that haha.
Black guy: Yo, that Asian guy just called me a "nigga". IS that fool stupid or what?
Asian guy: Wo hui shuo zhong wen. Dan shi wo bu xi huan ting "hip-hop". (I speak Chinese, but don't like hiphop).
M&M: Yo, stfu stupid fob. Ur a dizgracee to our racee shiet, Imma beat yo ass up. Oh shit, black dude, gotta run!
White girls: Hi, Chan.
Chan: Sorry, I only date other Chans. Not Channings. (runs)
by dimsumchefbest August 23, 2006
Top Definition
M&M, a chocolate candy covered in a hard layer of an artificial color. Can come with a peanut center, or a simple chocolate center.
M&Ms are my favorite candy treat, they're great on ice cream!
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
chocolates covered in a sweet thick candy shell. Also has yummy peanuts in the middle.
I went to the store and bought so m&m's.
by mike July 02, 2003
Melts in your mouth not in your hand
M & M: original, peanut, almond, crispy, peanutbutter, minis
by jimboyah September 17, 2005
A chocolate candy the melts not only in your mouth, but in your hands too.
I just took a handful of M&M's and now my hands are all sticky. How exciting!
by seth_cohen_fan January 14, 2006
Music & Marijuana.
M&M makes life soo great.
by KingsToTheCannabis November 20, 2010
Abbreviation for marine mattress. Slang term for a woman or guy that only gives up the booty to marines.
“Hey, that new Air Force chick that showed up at the office yesterday is hot.”
“You don’t have a chance dude. She was in my class at the Defense Language Institute, she’s a freaking M & M and a half.”
by Trav October 21, 2004
A delicicious kind of chocolate candy with a crunchy, colored coating. Made by the Mars chocolate company. They are round and sometimes used in cakes, frostings, and other types of sugar filled deserts and dishes.
Kyle at a whole 6 pound bag of m&m's yesterday.
by J6&J13 May 26, 2006

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