M&M historically for the last half of the 20th century has referred to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris;the M&M boys; the two famous sluggers on the New York Yankees of the 1950's and 60's; the double M's later became the brand of candy by the same initials.
HolyCow! The M&M boys rocked the old stadium tonight
by Mike McKain March 06, 2006
A multi colered candy that melts in your mouth, not your hand.
I asked Katherine if i could have a M & M and she said no.
by mothafuka November 22, 2005
Masturbating on the motorway.
Charlie ''Eww Dad, a bird poo'd on my window!!''
Daddy Dave, ''No son, that was just a man M&M'ing. Now shut the fuck up and give Daddy a big a kiss.''
by hjvfjf uy gil ohil hilo/h January 30, 2014
Abbreviation for mutual masterbation. The act of two people manually masterbating each other to climax.
"Did you snack dings last night?"

"Naw, we just M & M d' on each other."
by quintessential saget July 31, 2013
an acronym for Marine and Men. it signifies the difference between a man who is in the marine corp to a man who is not. it is saying that marine corp men are the toughest in the world
a marine bumper sticker is M & M
by royal marine March 11, 2009
Short for "mouth massage", a unisex term for oral sex
"One day, I was in a park, and a stranger asked me if I ever had an M&M. I said no, and he said, they're delicious"
"How much is it gonna cost me for an M&M, Mrs. Prostitute?"
"That bitch gave me the best M&M ever!"
by JAKarl November 23, 2012
Verb; The act of murking a person to the point of death, then waiting a day or two before munging them shortly after.
Look up Definitions: Murk, Mung
M&M- (Contemplation) Am I going to have to M&M a ho?

M&M'd (Completed murk and mung, referring as past tense because they are dead.) Susan's grandmother told me to respect my elders, so I M&M'd her for being a cunt. It was the bees knees.

M&Ming (In between period after murking someone to death waiting for the corpse to be ripe enough to mung.)

Person 1: plans for the weekend?
Person 2: yeah, I gotta finish M&Ming an old high school friend I ran into at Sizzler.
Person 1: did ya murk em?
Person 2: you know it, I should be finished by Tuesday
by PelicanMurkerCellphoneTheif September 24, 2010

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