A multi colered candy that melts in your mouth, not your hand.
I asked Katherine if i could have a M & M and she said no.
by mothafuka November 22, 2005
Molly and Mary-Jane, MDMA and Marijuana. The mixture of these two drugs can take your party experience to a whole new level. These ladies are the life of any party.
"What's with Christina and Ricky..They seem so happy and awesome tonight!" "Ya man! They had M & M's before the party!"
by CallAlice September 19, 2013
Abbreviation for mutual masterbation. The act of two people manually masterbating each other to climax.
"Did you snack dings last night?"

"Naw, we just M & M d' on each other."
by quintessential saget July 31, 2013
an acronym for Marine and Men. it signifies the difference between a man who is in the marine corp to a man who is not. it is saying that marine corp men are the toughest in the world
a marine bumper sticker is M & M
by royal marine March 11, 2009
Masturbating on the motorway.
Charlie ''Eww Dad, a bird poo'd on my window!!''
Daddy Dave, ''No son, that was just a man M&M'ing. Now shut the fuck up and give Daddy a big a kiss.''
by hjvfjf uy gil ohil hilo/h January 30, 2014
Short for "mouth massage", a unisex term for oral sex
"One day, I was in a park, and a stranger asked me if I ever had an M&M. I said no, and he said, they're delicious"
"How much is it gonna cost me for an M&M, Mrs. Prostitute?"
"That bitch gave me the best M&M ever!"
by JAKarl November 23, 2012
1: Choclate candy.

2: Valium. Any member of the Benzo strand. Pills. (slang)
1: Mom, Can I have some M&M's?

2: Hey Dude, You got any M&M's for sale? (slang)
by Jerry S. October 07, 2006

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