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Nice melted chocolate covered candy treat with peanuts or plain. Comes in different colors as like blue,green,red ect; Used to eat; or to be eaten off of a person; or nice treat to have when hungry.
Those M&M's were quite a treat
That M&M was good off of you Martinez..
by Racheal Collins December 24, 2005
46 47
Verb; The act of murking a person to the point of death, then waiting a day or two before munging them shortly after.
Look up Definitions: Murk, Mung
M&M- (Contemplation) Am I going to have to M&M a ho?

M&M'd (Completed murk and mung, referring as past tense because they are dead.) Susan's grandmother told me to respect my elders, so I M&M'd her for being a cunt. It was the bees knees.

M&Ming (In between period after murking someone to death waiting for the corpse to be ripe enough to mung.)

Person 1: plans for the weekend?
Person 2: yeah, I gotta finish M&Ming an old high school friend I ran into at Sizzler.
Person 1: did ya murk em?
Person 2: you know it, I should be finished by Tuesday
by PelicanMurkerCellphoneTheif September 24, 2010
6 8
a term of endearment for someone who is the sweetest person in the world. They're just like a fun filled pack of m&ms. They're divine, insanely cute, desirable and addictive.
Jensen: heyyy tinalyn i bought you the new music cd you so badly wanted.
Tinalyn: awwww thats so sweet thank you baby. you're my m&m
Jensen: aww.. *big smile* which colour? ;)
7 9
Slang term for Marlboro Menthol cigarettes.
Dude i just got some M&M's, they're so good.
by "Slipknot" Shrad October 06, 2010
2 6
marijuana munchies...
Afta we smoked,niggaz had tha m&m's
by troubl3 September 26, 2007
13 17
Marlboro's and Millers
Yo nigga it's Friday night and I'm goin' to the store to get some mother fuckin M&M's.
by Jizzy K May 26, 2007
8 12
Two people of the same initial who cause quite the drama when around.
oh and they over react!
M&M's are causing drama again.oh no.
by Melman Gregeen May 15, 2008
2 8