M&M = McDonald's and Motel. Good cheap date is a trip to McDonalds, followed by a trip to the cheapest motel around.
I took Jane out last night for an M & M.
by cheap motel October 16, 2006
1) something yummy
2) made of chocolate
3) may have peanuts, peanutbutter, or a crispy center
I love m&m's
by awex January 05, 2004
1. a candy that melts in your hand not your mouth

2. to be told by a girl that you have impregnated her
1. Guy1: dude i love holding M&Ms
Guy2: bet you would seeing that they don't melt in your hand

Guy2: what happened?
Guy1: my girlfriend just gave me M&Ms
by D_A_G_1123 February 16, 2009
some types of drugs in pill form, usually ecstasy pills
richards gonna score us some m&m's so we can go ravin friday
by rawblood January 10, 2006
Molly and Mary-Jane, MDMA and Marijuana. The mixture of these two drugs can take your party experience to a whole new level. These ladies are the life of any party.
"What's with Christina and Ricky..They seem so happy and awesome tonight!" "Ya man! They had M & M's before the party!"
by CallAlice September 19, 2013
1. M&M a small round chocolate piece with a M on it. It is a very popular candy through out the US.

2. The artist Marshal Mathers (Eminem) original under ground name.
Dude can I have a M&M.
No Dude Get your own!

Dude remember when Eminem was M&M?
Who doesn't man?
by GrandRapids Finnest July 29, 2011
Trail mix for fat kids.
Fat Kid 1: *pants heavily* man, this is one exhausting hike

Kid 2: dude we're walking across the street to your house

Fat Kid 1: *oblivious* it's cool i brought some M&M's to keep me going
by NotSoSlimShady6969 September 28, 2013

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