th word luth means its not a lie, but it's most sertainly not the truth. It's kind of in the midlle, so therefore...

(people talking on msn)

Berulitz doitch says: du you liki my spelyng?

omg what a loser says: yea its great...

omg what a loser thinks: since hes not an american hes not supposed to know how to spell correctly, but its almost right and plus, hes my friend. LUTH!!!
by neto!!!!! May 05, 2005
Top Definition
''Luths'' is a word that is used to describe a cross between ''Lies'' and ''Truths''.Usually used as a substitute for ''Fib''.
e.g,instead of using ''Fibs'',u can use ''Luths''.

''sheila thats such a fib!''no its a luth'',replies karen.
by Jonathan Sheridan November 09, 2007
to be the omnipotent of dopeness, to literally have the most style, to be an expert in a certain field.
Damn Dave's clothes are so luth!

Benton is such a luth rapper
by Silent MC September 04, 2012
something between a lie and a truth.

pronounced "looth"
it wasnt a lie, it was a luth.
by Matt Grandin June 01, 2005
When the truth and a lie are merged 2.when lies are used with the truth in a deceiving manner
Anytime a United States politician speaks they are telling a luth, the truth eludes them.
by ttocs newob December 21, 2014
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