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the space between the bed and the wall that you sometimes get stuck in.
amanda: "what's wrong melissa?"

Melissa: "I had a crazy night last night and woke up in the doitch this morning."

by rachel m&m March 09, 2006
the correct pronunciation of the German language
Ja, ich spreche Deutsch
by Jerry Kapp January 30, 2004
its a word that replaces the ever so hard to say expression:"help i have a cock in my mouth and i cant talk"
mmmmhmhmmmmhmmm DOITCH mhmhmhmhmhmmhmh
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
Noun: Out of control, alchoholic, sex fiend who cant get enough of anything and is completely addicted to porn. $9.95 per night habit/the spice channel.

Adverb:Another way of saying "oh shit!"
1. Doitch ran my fuckin cable bill up to $195.00 this month ordering porn.

2. Man lays there nude, ass faced up, in roomates bathroom. Roomates girlfriend takes one look and says "doitch"!
by Doitch May 23, 2005
a word used as an expression of emotion
Stone: uhhhh you havent played yet
Stone: we shall see
Stone: webster thinks your the man
Stone: hes like Phillips #1
Stone: ......jv
Me: doitch!
by Alec April 01, 2003
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