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''Luths'' is a word that is used to describe a cross between ''Lies'' and ''Truths''.Usually used as a substitute for ''Fib''.
e.g,instead of using ''Fibs'',u can use ''Luths''.

''sheila thats such a fib!''no its a luth'',replies karen.
by Jonathan Sheridan November 09, 2007
to be the omnipotent of dopeness, to literally have the most style, to be an expert in a certain field.
Damn Dave's clothes are so luth!

Benton is such a luth rapper
by Silent MC September 04, 2012
something between a lie and a truth.

pronounced "looth"
it wasnt a lie, it was a luth.
by Matt Grandin June 01, 2005
th word luth means its not a lie, but it's most sertainly not the truth. It's kind of in the midlle, so therefore...

(people talking on msn)

Berulitz doitch says: du you liki my spelyng?

omg what a loser says: yea its great...

omg what a loser thinks: since hes not an american hes not supposed to know how to spell correctly, but its almost right and plus, hes my friend. LUTH!!!
by neto!!!!! May 05, 2005