long range recon patrol
by aaron a karpa August 28, 2003
The act of drinking lukewarm milk in an office setting.
I am going to drink this lukewarm milk at my desk. Lurp.
by breakfastclubber August 20, 2012
1. Noun: Oral sex.
2. Verb: To perform oral sex.

Synonyms: Fellatio, Head, Buffs.
As a noun: "This really hot girl wants to give me the lurps."
As a verb: "Are you gonna lurp me?"
by xw8 February 06, 2010
(noun) A type of human female, most often seen in nightclubs and their environs wearing the standard black mini-dress or variants on that theme, in the company of the male of the variety, the douchebag (which see). Characterized by straightened hair, burnt umber spray-on tan, extreme cosmetic layering, abundant artificial fragrance, dangerously high heels, consumption of large quantities of alcohol, sexual promiscuity, and stereotyped behaviors e.g. screaming loudly, shouting her mating call "Ohmigod! I'm so drunk!", flocking with other lurps, trying to get into the pants of the nearest douchebag. Harmless but obnoxious.
Ex. 1:"Dude, this place is crawling with lurps! SCORE!"

Ex. 2:"Ohmigod, Snooki! I'm sooo wasted! WOOOOOOOO! That guy's hawt! I wanna piece a that!"
by Notta Lurp September 18, 2011
(n) A loose, saggy, wrinkly horse vagina
1. EWWWWW look at that lurp over there!

2. Wow, Jennifer is such a lurp.

3. Dude. I was with Becky the other night and she has the nastiest lurp.
by nastylurps April 13, 2011
Term used in female prisons. Lesbian Until Released From Prison. LURP. Women in jail for long periods of time whether they have a family or not may become a LURP
"Hey bitch, you a LURP?"
Reply..."What's a LURP?"
Third party: "Just say no"
by jailbird8 November 25, 2009
A lurp exhibits the following characteristics:

1. One of extremely lanky stature, uncoordinated to the point of great annoyance.

2. Talks constantly in a state of dreary, droning monotone.

3. Extremely unathletic, unable to compensate for height, in sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, etc.

4. Hands like feet.

5. Inability to attract the opposite sex, despite constant efforts and confidence in him/herself, often due to creepiness, among other lurpy characteristics.

Exhibiting any of the characteristics listed above in daily life
"The lurp loomed large over the small, terrified children."

"Jonny, pick up your feet and quit lurping around!"

by Professor Kenneth Highfield October 01, 2008

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