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The sound you make when giving someone a Lurpy.
The Term and sound, Invented by the CGB Crew, When disciplining "Larry" And "Paul" as well as other fallen mascots.
The "Lurpy" is usually and almost always in conjecture with a hand movement over ones head.
Acting out the motion and movement of a person preforming Oral sex on ones self.
Assisting the heads bob of Oral sex, A Lurpie.

Receaving Oral sex from a female.

The sound is similar to your tongue hitting the lips after making the sound.

***This Defintion is a Trademark Of the Southern Brookyln Crew Know as CGB.***
You and your friends are sitting around chilling, and someone cracks a bad joke.

"Yo, He gets a Lurpie!"
by B Boy 0N3R 372 May 27, 2008
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