Lurp - That person in your group of friends that never seems to have any money but always goes to the social events expecting the group as a whole to support their good time.
"Juan is such a lurp, he showed up at the club and asked to borrow the cover charge, I know I will never see that cash again."
by Sp33dracr August 26, 2009
lurps means to suck a boys dick and or give a girl head.
He asked me for my number i said why are you ganna give me the lurps?
by LaShawna Desir February 07, 2009
n. Lung burp. The quick, forced and noisy exhalation of air from the lungs, up through the windpipe and out of the mouth, usually an involuntary act. A lurp is different from a 'burp' which originates in the stomach and travels up the esophagus. A lurp may result from various situations, such as a blow or concussion to the chest; or from various conditions or diseases of the lung, such as a collapsed lung, and certain bronchial or pneumonia type diseases. -- v.i. lurped, lurping - To force air from the lungs out of the mouth, usually involuntarily. -- v.t. - To eject something from the lungs. Formed from (l)ung + b(urp).
1. After lurping at a large formal dinner party, the man, facing disdainful looks from around the table, explained that the noise was no burp, but a sound that originated in his lungs due to his pneumonia.
2. "It was only a lurp," the young man explained to his shocked date.
3. Much to the vexation of his neighbor in the hospital room, the man lurped all through the night.
4. To the horror of his onlooking friends, he lurped up a large glob of brown fluid.
by Donald C February 25, 2008
V. to steal against the will or knowledge of the victim. For example when someone steals your favorite power ranger doll and then denies it later because they are a terrible friend
Darrel straight up lurped Samantha's virginity while she was knocked out.
by David19 December 11, 2005
to be secretive. to go through anothers belongings. To act shady. to be spun on speed. The activites one does on speed. Something that is irregeular or un kosher
to lurp, to be a lurper, to be lurped, to be lurpie...
I need some more lurp!
You are such a lurper.
I've been lurped.
That girl is a little lurpie.
Lets go lurp around.
by nessica July 08, 2005
A blowjob.
"Dude, I got with Susan last night."
"Oh for real? Did you get that lurp?
by Lurp Shakurr February 04, 2009
Lurp as a verb describes the act of depositing a fluid or semi-fluid on to something in a less than controlled manner, so as to create a mess. The fluid in question is typically a sticky, slimy, gooey or messy substance frequently a bodily fluid.
At home example A: Taking Zoloft made it difficult for him to cum. He had to spank it so wildly to get off when he did finally cum he lurped all over the place, the head board, the pillows, her hair, her face and her tits.

At home example B: WOW… I must have been working your G-spot just right… when you came you lurped everywhere.

At work example: Hurry up, just lurp that bondo all over the damaged area before it cures. We’ll sand the excess off later.
by word jocky June 05, 2007

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