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A person (usually high on meth) who rummages through your belongings and steals some random, insignificant object like nail clippers or a pocketknife. Lurpers won't steal your stereo or television. They'll take your razor or cologne.
I told her not to bring that little lurper over here. Last time she took my pocketknife and all the q-tips!
by livesanuk April 22, 2008
Someone all tweaked out and stealing shit! One who steals especially when high on crystal meth!
Hey lets go lurping in some dumpsters to get some profiles.
My car is gone! Must have been a lurper!
Someone that is obviously on crystal meth or some other type of speed, that looks around at all of your belongs.
When you leave the room the lurper(s) can't help looking through your shit. Even if they go in your baby's room, a true lurper(s) can't help but go through even the kids' shit.
by peaks az November 20, 2008
lerper,lirper,lirpur also A person male or female who smokes methanphetamine and proceeds to have absolutely no fucking regard for their own well-being stealing cars, tools, car stealing tools or ghost riding a stolen car in hot pursuit and stealing a bike,and or bringing half amillion cops to some poor lady's house and hiding with her until they leave,stealing some one's shit and helping them look for it;drooling on your face without noticing;any other side effect of meth,or doing anything without noticing the consequence
that fuckin' lurper was lirping in my truck and he lerped my damn jack!
by japanican December 03, 2006
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