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4 definitions by RWC

is a filthy no good for nothing asshole who leaches off everyone he can and probably still lives with his parents.
You get your ass out of here you dirty bastard.
by RWC January 14, 2004
62 24
slut, skank, ho, whore, broad, a girl with hella DVDs
1. Damn, I wanna pork that skeeza with the fat ass.
2. Those skeezas get railed every time they get faded.
by RWC December 02, 2003
86 60
one who smokes your weed but never offers to smoke his or hers
"Don't let that lurker come, he never has any chron to blaze"
by RWC December 02, 2003
16 17
the most derrogatory term for a broad
that girl is a bloody cunt
by RWC December 03, 2003
5 18