Plural for common e-abbreviation LOL: "I am laughing out loud" ("Laughs" that I have made/am making out-loud).

Thus LULZ is "Multiple laughs, had out-loud". (I am having/have had) Laughs (made) Out-Loud".

Used in the precisely the same sense of the noun "laughs" as plural of a single laugh.

This is as opposed to the second/third person singular of the verb "to laugh" (i.e. "you/he/she/it laughs).
As with "We did it for the laughs (out loud).": "We did it for the LULZ."

Or "I went on the Tea Party website for (the) LULZ."

Note that placing the article "the" in front of LULZ is optional.
by Dicto Ergo Sum February 14, 2011
Lulz is derived from LOL, which stands for Laughing Out Loud. It is a form of Internet slang with orgins residing in Leet talk. In my experience, the connotation is more sarcastic, ridiculing the use of any form of the acronym or the joke being made. In some circles, it is also considered a pun on the word Lull, reinforcing the sarcastic connotation.
"What did the cow say to the horse? Moooove."

by Canyouhearmenow7 April 02, 2015

1. A variation of "lol", used by people trying to be cool.

2. A super lame word used by asian girls such as Erica Kim and/or Cindy Nugyen
Justin is so uncool lulz
by justincredible9292 April 12, 2011
"lulz" is derived from the commonly used slang "lol". It is often used by those who try to differentiate themselves from other individuals and often have low self esteem. The "z" is supplemented to demonstrate just how "lul" the situation is, but is seen by others as ludicrous and redundant.
by Jay Lay April 14, 2011
When a member of "Anonymous" baits a member of the Church of $cientology into saying or doing doing something so idiotic that it's funny.
"We gotta lotta lulz when that $ci-Fi mouthpice called us "little terrorists" in the newspaper".
by floridanon February 13, 2008
1. An Alternate spelling of LOLS
2. A Hacker group known for blowing the Sony Playstation Network.
LulzSecurity suxx, they blew my Black ops Multi-playah!!
by LulzSecurity June 14, 2011
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