by pseudo-intellectual July 13, 2008
A version of 'lol'. The term was originally coined by the gays, but little squeaky-voiced boys on the internet started using the term as well.
I stole my moms makeup and put it on for epic lulz...
by Tim Christenson January 28, 2009
A rather annoying, but catchy and addictive slur for LOL.
Often used by 'Scene Kids', and/or people who want to sound cool.
'Hey man, i filled in all my answers on my algebra test with lulz.'
'That is sceneXcore!'

'Why'd you go cowpushing again?'
'I did it for the lulz.'
by Anonymous luller July 10, 2008
lulz = 0

not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11 , 12 or 13
someone: lulz = lol
me: no, its 0
by iamtehlulz+5 February 28, 2008
Lulz is practically the same as lolz(the plural of lol(laughing out laud), just...
Well that is in the stars... even God doesn't know.

Lol -> lul; lols -> luls; lolz -> lulz.
Prs no1:And then he said, go home.
Prs no2:Lulz!
by Ian Storms January 26, 2006
The bastardization of the online shorthand expression 'lol'. Used as a sarcastic reply to that of which was intended to be funny, but did not strike the individual as entertaining.

May also be used as an insult in select situations, though less common than the aforementioned.
Person: "Why did the chicken cross the road? To commit suicide!"
Other: "Lulz"

by Zigbigidorlu December 21, 2006
Though common misspelling of the world lolz. Lulz also mean that you like the cock and that you have a birth defect that makes you testicle sack or more commonly known as ball sack connected directly to your butt hole , there for making you a faggot. The current Definition #1 for lulz is very incorrect and has been marcoed to the top of the list. believe what ever you want.
Example is a aim conversation.
User1: Yo wat up
User1: Have you seen my binders by any chance? I think I lost them.
User2: Lulz sux 4 u
User1: You just basically called your self a fag.
User1: And your ball sack is probably connect right to ur ass.
User2: I meant lolz, i kno how homosexual lulz is.
by Jayto4Life haha September 09, 2007

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