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The driving force behind all actions ever.
"Why did you set all those blind people on fire?"
"I did it for the lulz."
by Sean O. April 15, 2007
206 153
Lulz is awesome. Lulz is way better than lol. Lulz is a synonym for Schadenfreude and means "lol derived from other's suffering".
Osama, on WTC: I did it for teh lulz!
by TehCezar December 17, 2009
167 117
Lulz is a corruption of LOL, which stands for Laughing Out Loud!
I did it for the lulz.
by Anonemus July 29, 2007
373 358
The root of all terrorism.
News man: Why did you blow up the world trade centers?

Osama: I did it for the lulz.
by HamSammy November 13, 2009
62 50
The only reason anybody does anything.
I did it for the lulz.
by Sam Brooks 412 December 28, 2010
38 29
Like lol, except lulzier. Something is generally done to generate said lulz.
Man 1: Why'd you drive your car off a cliff?
Man 2: I did it for the lulz.
by steveaz October 06, 2010
44 35

1. A variation of "lol", used by people trying to be cool.

2. A super lame word used by asian girls such as Erica Kim and/or Cindy Nugyen
Justin is so uncool lulz
by justincredible9292 April 12, 2011
12 14