1. A corruption of 'lol' or a purpose misspelling of 'lol'.

2. An idiotic excuse to do ANYTHING offensive or disturbing (and as such, funny) used mostly by Chantards (4chan, IIchan, etc.) Gaiafags, or any usual member of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

3. Something funny that is caused at the expensive of others.
Gaiafag: WTF?! A burning cat! Oh God, why?!
Troll: i didz it for da lulz

/b/tard: dude whyd u cum on ur sisters face and then post pics?
/b/tard(2): i did it for da lulz

by person over there March 11, 2008
the funny things i say with my friends. means LOL. hehe. and is totally random. used to confuse people and make it look like you have a secret language.
Luke: hi
Me: heyy
Luke: whats up?
Me: nothing much.
Luke: cool
Me: lulz
Luke: what does 'lulz' mean
Me: your not cool enough to know, even if you are Luke. hehe lulz
Luke: now im offended. lulz
Me: No. just no luke. no
by sexysoftballplayerbesties February 05, 2011
Lulz is a corruption of LOL that means Laugh out Loud.
We did it for the lulz
by cybz0r August 04, 2007
Lulz is a corruption of lol, meaning laugh out loud, a lulz is obtained by pulling random pranks such as messing with online kids games.
anonymous: we blew up a van and made her buy a dog
anonymous: lulz
by itsasecretsite July 29, 2007
a corruption of lol
"We will get our epic lulz."
by Zephyr Greene August 04, 2007
a unit of how funny an object or idea is
That show was so fuckin funny, it had alot of lulz
by lulzman March 13, 2008
LULZ is an abbreviated version of LOL("Laughing Out Loud"), mostly used by so called computer hackers. LULZ was brought into popularity by the popular computer hacking group: "Anonymous".
I took over that n00bs syst3m lulz.
by Subless July 01, 2009
The ultimate currency. Exchange rates vary with time.

The origin of this usage is as follows:
For thieves the ultimate reason of action is loot. The ultimate loot is currency. The ultimate currency is lulz.
"For this epic battle axe, 30 lulz or 680 gold.'

"I did it for the lulz!"

"We got big lulz from that raid last night."
by _tlf_ September 19, 2007

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