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1. A term used to justify ridiculous, pointless and occasionally gratuitous behaviour.

2. Personal justification for the life of an internet troll.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Dude, why did you senselessly murder that guy with an axe while listening to Huey Lewis and the News?

Guy 2: Ah, you know, for the lulz.

Example 2:
Guy 1: So, you were playing World of Warcraft till 4:00 in the morning just so you could follow that one guy around and annoy him?

Guy 2: Yeah.

Guy 1: ...

Guy 2: For the lulz.

Guy 1: Get help.
by Shadowy February 17, 2011
1. A woman whose sexual preferences are exclusively directed toward other women.

2. The other L-word, easy to confuse with the main L-word, love.
Example 1:
Bob: So Alice has a girlfriend?

Bob's Friend: Yeah, didn't you know? She's a lesbian.

Example 2:
Guy: Wait... I'm in lesbians with you...

Girl: ...*walks away*

Guy: ...I said lesbians.
by Shadowy February 17, 2011
A web-based community for artists and their art. Said art takes the form of drawings, paintings, CGA, photgraphy, prose, poetry, woodworking, sculpture, film and more.

Though DeviantArt is home to a wealth of talented artists, it has seemingly become an online gathering place for Emos, Fangirls and Moe-whores.

Furthermore, a, now considerable, proportion of the art is comprised of fanart (and fanfiction to a lesser extent) and poorly drawn nude art that, serving no purpose as actual art, is better defined as cheap, low quality pornography.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see that oil painting of New York that I posted on DeviantArt the other day? I think I really captured the vibrancy of Central Park, although-

Guy 2: Hey, DeviantArt, I saw a really awesome picture of *Insert female Naruto character here* on there yesterday! OMG, so moe!

Guy 1: *begins tying noose to tree*
by Shadowy February 17, 2011

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