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the act of smoking in a car with the windows closed so that all the smoke remains inside the vehicle getting you as hight as possible.
"Damn yo, your car was so baked out ill be blazed for hours".
by Mike June 18, 2006
the point when, after smoking till you're high as a kite, you drift off into pass-out mode, the maryjane still slightly emitting a faint cloud around your face
Guy 1: "duudddeeee, haha check out Mark over there--"

Guy 2: "haha, wow he's totally baked-out man. looks like hes soared off to dream-land in his cloud of smoke"
by Aurea Dea February 21, 2011
Super trippy. When like, things get weird. You know?
That's baked out.
by GOOD LISTENER October 04, 2013
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