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luke has a gigantic penis and uses it every night on people.
ohh yea harder gimme more luke
by sghdfiogh September 14, 2008
a really great person who struggles at times to discover who he is, but is unwilling to compromise his beliefs when it comes to what he knows is right. a music lover, a sensitive soul, a person who is always there for the people he cares about. he may be flaky at times, but he will always come back to those he cares about. a true friend. he also has a wild streak.
who's that kid with the heaphones?

oh, thats luke!
by German_1_Girl July 22, 2009
The sweetist most amazing guy on the planit, with the best smile I've ever seen. The one I love <3
by crazygirl7 February 07, 2010
some one who has an huge large penis, is a total player, and one is totally beastly
hey you know luke?


hes SO sexy i bet he has a dick the size of a whale

wow, i want him in me
by joejonaslookalike May 26, 2009
Some one who's better than Matt
Luke owned Matt in a game of l.o.l
by ToddIferrtrfdvjg October 08, 2010
A very intuitive person. Someone who knows ur hearts desires before you do. Someone who wants to know your every secret so that he can leave you blissfully content. A very sensual lover with a wild streak. He knows what he wants and usually gets it, either by sweet talking or with equisite force... Looks very much like the David carved by Michaelangelo...
If only he could be a luke...
He knows me like only a luke could...
by Oddity69 February 02, 2010
A luke is a sweet boy who makes a great bestfriend or boyfriend. He loves to game and often is super polite to everyone. He is honest and kind and cute, though his jokes arnt always witty,hes pretty funny too. A luke is very different from a lucas.In short, he is the most awesome person i have ever met!
Rachel:Hey, have you met my best friend luke?
Shelby: Oh yeah, were best friends too.
by Avery212 November 17, 2010