A Luke is a sweet guy, and completely insecure. He loves music, and tends to not know so much about Pop Culture. Easily falls in love with girls who are sweet, and will never get over them, even if there's no chance he'll get her. He tends to be clueless, but he remembers everything. Also loves Cheez-Its.
He's so sweet, he must be a Luke.
by MusicJunkie713 December 08, 2010
Someone who is the best and talented at almost everything, mostly water-sports for example 'skiiing'. Luke can be also short for Leukemia. No-one can be as good as Luke because Luke is just too talented.
Person 1: Lost all my skiing races today to a guy called 'Brandon'

Person 2: Must be a Luke
by skiing.com July 02, 2012
sexiest mother fucker in the world!!
John: Have you seen Luke?
Amy: Yah. That sexy mother fucker is over there.
John: thanks
by u_guess June 12, 2011
While has player-like moments, he's actually a total sweetheart who enjoys sex in co-ed bathrooms. He's already taken for life and he has a giant penis :D
boy comes out of bathroom with girl

"oh must be luke"
by deathcabbformme February 04, 2010
A person who will always be there for you no matter what, who's loveing, careing, cute, protective, smart, ect. who would do anything for you, who'd give you whatever you want. Luke is someone that will make you smile and laugh even when your not in the mood. Hes out going, & can be shy at first but doesnt really show it then becomes his complete self around you once your around a while, and you'll love it when he becomes him self. He'll do anything you wanna do even if he doesnt like doing it, he'll do it cause it makes you happy and he loves seeing a smile on your face, he can get an attitude and sometimes think that hes not wrong but in the end he realizes what he did and he says sorry in the best way that he can and wont stop till you know hes sorry. His blue eyes make you lose yourself when you look into them, their like WOW.! his smile is georgeouse and youd wanna do anything you can to keep that smile on his face, he is an amazing boyfriend and awesome friend to, if you have a luke make sure to hold on tightly and never let go cause a luke is the bestest thing anyone can ask for & deserves the best.
someone- Whos that awesome, amazing, cool blued eyed cutie with the awesome smile

you- that'd be luke (:
by eukl August 16, 2011
A truly amazing person. Luke's are usually nice, caring, an amazing friend, and a great person to know. He is scared of having a girlfriend because he thinks he isn't good enough or thinks he might mess things up in a relationship. A Luke is someone you would want to have in your life for a long time. His greatness may rub off on you. Everyone thinks he is cute but he doesn't think so. He usually tends to like the girls that aren't the popular ones, although some of the popular girls think hes cute. A lovable person
Doesn't he look like a Luke?

Oh definitely!
by Anonymous Guy Who Is Anonymous April 29, 2011
a smexy lad. who has soft hands and nice eyes. makes toris laugh. is misunderstood and is tooooooooooooooooooooo sweet and makes me smile all the time. is sooooooooo beautiful and is sooooo special! i love you lukey babe <3
1: hae luke
1:omg!!!!! *dies*
luke: are you ok....?
1:no your amazingness killed me!!!! <3
by smexyfied! <3 November 21, 2010

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