A guy who thinks he can walk around treating girls like shit, or he is the big cheese. Never trust a luke or they will break your heart and not even care. Lukes will go on as they never even met you
Girl 1: hey isn't that luke?
Girl 2: ya he's the jerk who broke my heart

Don't be such a luke
by thehighguy95 August 12, 2011
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To create a Luke: start with a base of hysterically funny. Mix in equal parts of cute, charming, sexy and intelligent. Combine with integrity, thoughtfulness and confidence until a solid foundation forms. For flavour, add a dirty mind to the hysterically funny but balance it by increasing the charm to ‘almost irresistible’ quantity. You should find the resulting mixture is well formed and appealing to the eye. Add maturity, cheekiness and something ‘indescribably unique’ to serve.

Summary: A Luke is one of the most amazing and unique people you will ever meet. In many ways he is like a great recipe for a person – containing all the right elements in just the right quantities. If you meet a Luke, show him he’s special by hiding things to make him smile wherever and whenever you can – even on the internet.

If you ever have the opportunity to be friends with a Luke then take it. You will be the 2nd luckiest woman in the world.
An unladen European swallow once brought me a funny message..........It was from a Luke
by Yes Its Me Again February 13, 2013
From the Latin meaning "light" he motivates others by gentle persuasion a natural born leader.

A person who has this name tends to be

Very loyal, respectful, fearless, outgoing, idealistic, fun loving, competive nature

But due to a very loyal and fearless nature these two combined will mean Luke is a force to be reckoned with.

And also attracts quite a lot of female attention due to these characteristics

a luke usally has a group of very close friends who he respects and is very loyal to.
by grey harvey January 08, 2008
A person with a giagantic shlong, Scrotum, or overall package and who uses it for mastuerbational purposes at least three times a day
You can tell that he's luke, look at the way he slouches
by Chewbakka April 28, 2007
He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh. He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love. He has very good style and always looks handsome. He also always smells really good :)
Whos that guy sticking to him self?
Oh that would be Luke.
by Malfe. June 27, 2009
One of the greatest guys you will ever meet. Close to perfection, Luke is amazing on the inside and the outside. Wonderful personality, very sweet, honest, funny, loyal, positive, caring, competitive, friendly, charming, smart, and brave. Also, he has a spectacular body, with awesome muscles and great hair. He is good at everything he does, talented physically and musically. Overall, he is a wonderful person, and the girl he falls in love with might just be the luckiest girl in the world.
Oh, that's Luke. He's the best guy you'll ever know.
by theDreamer. August 24, 2010
someone that is totaly beastly and pwns everyone around him
dude, you know Jake.


he is totaly a Luke
by Bill Tuten March 09, 2008
A really smart, interesting, kind guy. Always looking out for others, quite shy, but extremely good at drama.
'Hey you know Luke'

'Yeah what?'

'He's going out with that cow Emma'

'Oh crap, really? She's a skank'

'Yeah, I know'
by J-Dawn-Dustin October 12, 2008

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