A fat stupid pollack who loves to suck on his moms titskes. Ussually bi-polar and with quite an overdeveloped taste for man-juice.
Hey looks at that mule sucking that guys dick, its name is probably Lugs. hahahaha
by Ernie May 04, 2003
Lesbian Until Graduation. Used to describe women who fuck women, while attending an all womens college because they can't find a man.
Shit Cassie ain't got cock in so long she's a LUG.
by C&B November 02, 2005
acronym for lesbian untill graduation.
Lugs in the U here are a hard-to-find. Thanks to the fact that they plan to extend thier lesbianism well into the later stages of thier measley little sorry lezass lives!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005
Something that is good.
That pie was lug.
by Lugatron August 05, 2003
(v.) To paddle someone's ears. Often very harshly. Lug is also a word for ear
lug lug lug. Guess what? LUG! yeah! L-U-G ugl, gul, ulg, glu, lgu!

by Kung-fu Jesus July 08, 2004
To encounter sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex.
I lugged that chick.
by Lugatron August 05, 2003
Word used when a person of the opposite sex is found attractive.
Oh god that bitch is lug
by Lugatron August 05, 2003

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