also known as ears (sometimes big)
oh my, doesnt he have big lugs
by staky May 05, 2005
a dip of tobacco that is placed between the bottom lip and bottom teeth.
Will: Yo dude u tryin to go throw lugs at the field?
William: Hell yea bra.
by Bill Little November 18, 2009
when you have a knot in your hair or its tangled..
"oh no..i have a lug in my hair"
by nature1989 March 16, 2009
-an adjective used to describe anything big and/or heavy, particularly used towards tall and/or heavy-weight men, can also be used as an term of endearment for a male
He may be a fat over-weight hairy guy--but that big lug is mine and I love him!
by LoganLesnarMarvel July 11, 2005
(v.) To paddle someone's ears. Often very harshly. Lug is also a word for ear
lug lug lug. Guess what? LUG! yeah! L-U-G ugl, gul, ulg, glu, lgu!

by Kung-fu Jesus July 08, 2004
a friend, a mug, a buddy, someone who will be there till death, someone who just dont give a fuck,Some one who is Gee'd Up From The Feet Up!
1.Lets go pick them lugs up, We cant leave em' hangin.

2.Hey Lugger you want me to help you bury that bitches body? If so I'm buyin the beer
by Mcphee85 June 04, 2009
A word used to describe individuals who never pay for anything themselves and follow others with financial stability in order to obtain goods and services.
"Bro stop lugging and get a job!"

"Nah don't invite him, he's a lug!"

"Got no money dude... guess I'm lugging it tonight"
by Dak Srs August 25, 2011

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