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A lesbian until graduation, more frequently than not a student at Mount Holyoke College. Smith College, down the road, is home to actual lesbians who commit to life to female partners and engage in homosexual activities beyond their four years in Northampton. Mount Holyoke women, though also sometimes gay, are less likely to maintain their homosexual identities, instead choosing to marry men, get nannies and raise children. Mount Holyoke women tend to forget about their days as lesbians past the age of 25, and they choose to forfeit their identities on Commencement Sunday.

Lesbians until graduation tend to exist most frequently at women's colleges, more specifically at Mt. Holyoke, Smith, Wellesley, Barnard and Bryn Mawr. Although there are some gold-star lifelong lesbians among them, few commit, instead choosing only to watch The L Word and pretend those days never happened.
Kate dated Jane for three years, but because she was just a LUG, she broke up with her at the end of senior year and began dating John, an Amherst graduate. Kate and John now watch Shane together on Showtime.
by silvercoins August 27, 2010
28 16
a dip of tobacco that is placed between the bottom lip and bottom teeth.
Will: Yo dude u tryin to go throw lugs at the field?
William: Hell yea bra.
by Bill Little November 18, 2009
13 9
A L.U.G stands for Lesbian Until Graduation. It is from the movie 'Road Trip Beer Pong'
She's a L.U.G
by MitchyBoyy March 09, 2012
1 1
A word used to describe individuals who never pay for anything themselves and follow others with financial stability in order to obtain goods and services.
"Bro stop lugging and get a job!"

"Nah don't invite him, he's a lug!"

"Got no money dude... guess I'm lugging it tonight"
by Dak Srs August 25, 2011
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With love and hugs
Your sassy gal pal
by Xenacide December 10, 2012
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Lesbians until gradtuation
we are lugs.
by coolycool328 December 12, 2009
4 6
A girl who goes to an all girls school, who because of her lack of contact with males, becomes a lesbian. Short for Lesbian Until Graduation. Name and practice originates from Miss Porter's School.
Everyone on my field hockey team is dating each other. They're all lugs.
by Mugambi May 02, 2007
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